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Kid’s Links

Search the Internet

  • Dibdabdoo (http://www.dibdabdoo.com)- Searches over 2 million sites that has been human reviewed and considered kid-friendly and/or teen friendly.
  • Great Websites for Kids (http://www.ala.org/greatsites)- List of links for kids provided by the American Library Association.
  • KidRex (www.kidrex.org)- safe search engine for kids.
  • Famhoo (http://www.famhoo.com)-family friendly search engine.
  • Sweet Search (http://sweetsearch.com) -search engine for students.  Searches over 35,000 sites that have been reviewed by researchers and librarians.

Educational Sites

  • PBS Kids -contains games, coloring pages, and information about your favorite PBS characters.
  • Library of Congress:  Kids and Families (http://www.loc.gov/families/) -Different Library of Congress resources for children.
  • NGAKids (http://www.nga.gov/kids/kids.htm)- National Gallery of Art website for children.
  • Smokey Kids (http://www.smokeybear.com/kids/default.asp)- Forest Service website for children that provides games and information on bears, forests and forest fires.
  • Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government (http://bensguide.gpo.gov/)- Provides learning tools for K-12 students.  This includes games and links to other web sites.
  • National Science Digital Library (http://nsdl.org)-The nations online library for education and research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.