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Internet Policy


The Wyoming County Public Library (WCPL) constitutes a system-wide policy that provides access to the Internet as one means of fulfilling its mission "to inform, educate, entertain, and culturally enrich by providing books and other library resources, facilities and professional services for use by all individuals." All users of the WCPL libraries shall have equal access to the internet resources and all other computer technologies such as chat rooms and e-mail, with the understanding that it is the individual users responsibility to demonstrate judgment, respect for others, appropriate conduct, and their behavior does not violate any of the policies of the WCPL while using public library resources and facilities as stated or implied herein.

All library patrons, including minors (17 years of age or younger), must read the paper copy or a copy on the website of the Internet and Computer Acceptable Use Policy for the WCPL. Both minors and parents or legal guardians (including staff) are required to sign the Agreement of the Rules of Conduct as stated in the policy and as defined by the West Virginia Code 61-8A- 1 (j)(1) (2000) or the Title 18 of the United States Code. Verification of age shall be required. Parents are responsible for their children's (minor's) use of the library's resources and facilities.


All patrons will observe fees: $.25 printing charge per page, (Seniors-$.20) Any cost incurred while using the electronic resources will be at the expense of the user.

Internet or data files used by patrons first must be scanned for viruses by library staff before use on a library computer. Users may not engage in any activity that is disruptive to others or damage equipment or software by unauthorized access to the library's network. Patrons are not to install, alter, delete, or add to files/settings/configurations to the library computers in any way. Under no circumstances may a patron physically connect a laptop to the library’s network.

Patrons who bring their laptops to the library may use the library’s wireless internet. Wireless internet users must comply with the library’s internet use policy. Staff members may limit the areas of the library where laptops may be used.

Patrons must observe the maximum session length as posted (30 minutes) at each personal computer (PC). Patrons may extend these sessions only when there are no other patrons waiting to use the PC. Terminals will not be "reserved" for persons who are not in the immediate vicinity. The maximum session length will be enforced for wireless internet users if the number of wireless internet users exceeds 16. Staff members may also use the maximum session length when the space allotted for laptop use is full.

Patrons will observe all copyright and software licenses according to the U. S. Copyright law (Title 17, US Code), and the library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility resulting from such use.

All users or patrons in the facilities of the WCPL are to observe the Internet Safety Policy of the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) that include measures designed to restrict Internet access by all patrons, including minors, to visual depictions of anything that is obscene, child pornography, sexually suggestive materials which are inappropriate or harmful to minors on computers with internet access as defined by local community standards and defined by West Virginia law or by sections 2256 and 1460 of the title 18, United States Code. Therefore, it is illegal for minors or adults and a violation of the WCPL policy to access child pornography or anything obscene which is harmful to minors. For safety and security for minors and adults, the users are warned of disclosing any personal information over the internet through e-mail or chat rooms and are prohibitive from activities such as hacking and any other unauthorized access.

The libraries uphold the users' rights for confidentiality or the personal identification of information in their use of all library resources. Users should be aware that other users may access any information left on the library computers. This information will be deleted when observed by the library staff, but privacy cannot be insured. The Library assumes no liability for loss or damage to the users' data or for any damage or injury arising from invasion of the users' privacy.

In order to collect statistics on the use of the WCPL's computer systems, the library's administration reserves the right to use anonymous activity recording. No identification of users will be associated within the statistical recording process.

When library employees believe that users have violated the Internet and Computer Acceptable Use Policy and/or the Rules of Conduct, they are authorized to terminate any user's access session and may also prohibit any future use of the library. After the user has an opportunity for a hearing before the library's administrative authority, a library patron may be permanently barred from internet access and/or the library. Inappropriate acts involving library computing resources may also be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities.

The Wyoming County Library Board, the Wyoming County Public Library, and employees of the library are not liable to any organization or person for consequences resulting from the actions of any person using the computers in a branch of the Wyoming County Public Library in an inappropriate manner or in any manner in conflict with this policy so long as the library takes reasonable precautions to prevent minors from viewing obscene matter as defined by the West Virginia law and title 18 of the United States Code stated herein.

The WCPL will comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act that requires a Technology Protection Measure which is a specific technology that blocks or filters internet access by adults and minors to visual depictions as mentioned above in this policy. It may be disabled for adults engaged in bona fide research or other lawful purposes. When the Courts provide the deadline for compliance of this technology, the West Virginia Library Commission will provide the software filter for the Internet Protection Measure.